Using AI for Market Research

This week we're talking about the power of market research in creating your offers and attracting your dream clients. But we're putting a spin on it! Market research can be a very time consuming and costly endeavor especially for solopreneurs. I'm sharing how you can use AI to help analyze and access research into you target audience. Making it easier for small business owners to get the data they need to create magnetic marketing. Prefer visuals? Find this episode over on youtube.

00:00 Introduction to a Unique Podcast Episode

00:20 The Power of Market Research and AI

01:03 Understanding Your Ideal Client Avatar

01:50 Gathering Market Research Data

02:29 Leveraging AI for Market Research

04:25 Crafting Effective AI Prompts

08:07 AI-Assisted Competitor and Testimonial Research

10:19 Innovative Market Research: Interviewing AI

12:09 Conclusion and Invitation to Engage

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