How a Nurse Writer launched a successful business website with the Website Launch Accelerator

Karyn came to me at the start of her new business as a Nurse Writer. She worked as a nurse for 25 years and was ready to get more freedom and flexibility while bringing in money for her family. Her season of life was changing and she needed a way to work that fit with their family schedules of driving to school and practices and games.

Karyn knew that a strategic website would be the first step to getting her business seen and connecting with potential clients, and while her IT husband volunteered to help, she knew the process was important for her to learn and have control of.

Karyn came into the Website Launch Accelerator with this brand new business, not knowing exactly how to position her experience and leverage her personality to get clients. We started the DIY website process by getting clear on what Karyn wanted to offer and who she wanted to serve and then found the invisible thread that ties her expertise to her ideal clients needs. Karyn used the Website Writer Workbook to write the copy for her website, gathered her inspiration and media content, then chose a Showit template and got to work building her site. Finally, we worked together to fine tune spacing, formatting, and functionality before Karyn set up her basic SEO to make sure Google was showing her site to the right people.

Screenshots of as built with The Website Launch Accelerator, coaching +course for small businesses to DIY their Website

Here’s a peek at the experience from Karyn’s point of view:

What prompted you to build a new website?

“I am a nurse with over 25 years of experience. I decided to start my own freelance health writing business! In doing so, I knew I needed a website that could connect me with potential clients and tell my story all in a clear and succinct way.”

What were your biggest challenges or anxieties around building your website before enrolling in The Website Launch Accelerator?

“I have no computer programming background or coding experience. The website experience was all new to me!”

Phones showing off as built with The Website Launch Accelerator, coaching +course for small businesses to DIY their Website

How did The Website Launch Accelerator program structure and timeline help you stay focused and make progress?

“I am a deadline girl! This structure kept me focused and on task. Since this process was so foreign to me, I would become easily frustrated with myself, but the frequent check in calls really helped to keep me on track and let me know that I wasn’t off base.”

“I think the greatest thing about Kate and her program is she is an amazing cheerleader! She can see that you get frustrated, but she turns your frustration into an accomplishment. She doesn’t let you get stalled in your work process, or just give up. She is such the positive motivator! Even now that my site is done and live, I’ve had some questions and she is always willing to answer them.”

Launch Announcement and screenshot of, a nurse writer website launched with the Website Launch Accelerator

Were there any specific features or aspects of the program that were particularly helpful for you?

“The whole program was SO HELPFUL! Like I said I’m a nurse, I help people, I don’t build websites :). I knew what I wanted to say, but the modules, videos and for sure the live calls helped me get my message out in a clear way!”

How do you think this new website will impact your business?

“My LinkedIn connections have expanded exponentially. I’m working on blog posts of my own now to update the website to help drive more traffic and hopefully get a few paying jobs!”

What would you tell other business owners interested in DIYing their website?

“The thought of building my own website seemed like something I could never do, but Kate and her course convinced me otherwise! She has such a positive energy that always keeps you going! My final website design is beyond my wildest dreams-mainly because I can’t believe that I built it all myself! My IT husband kept saying he would do it, and I knew it would never get done…. He was even impressed at how professional the website looks and how quickly I did it. If I can make a website, anyone can!”

See Karyn’s site live at

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review of The Website Launch Accelerator by Karyn, a new to business nurse writer

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