You're really good at what you do.
It's time your dream clients knew it. 

Yes, please!

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Have your messaging down so it's easy to sell your services without feeling salesy

Be proud of how you show up online and off, and feel excited to share

Finally, start working with people who truly *get it* and make money doing it

You've been mastering your craft in business for a while now. Your service has become an art form and no one does it quite like you. But as far as your audience is concerned? Your Monet's are no different than finger paintings, and that's if they even know you exist. 

With a clear brand strategy you can:

Everything you need to thrive in business is inside you. 

""If you want all the tools in your pocket and a guide to show you how to use them, you should hire Kate. She kind of was a master of all trades. She was a great designer, she knew, technically how to do all the behind-the-scenes things that make a website run, especially wording and headlines, and helping me be organized step-by-step on what I should do."

"I cannot wait to hire her for my next project"

"Kate has helped me transform the way I do business. Her pricing coaching and pricing template make total sense! Kate's a leader in her industry, and she has sage wisdom for small businesses. I feel more confident in the pricing that I offer my clients, and my clients love the different package options!"

"I would have crawled in a hole without you!... In a fetal position." 

A solid brand strategy will get you back to being the creative you truly are.

The truth is...

While getting clear on your messaging is maybe the less sexy part of what you do in your business, it will make all of the marketing and selling 10x easier. 

That's where I come in. 

I'm here to help you get to the root of who you are, who you love to serve, and how we can leverage the heart of that to build a stand out business.

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"I would have crawled in a hole without you!... In a fetal position." 
-Leilani D.

I started my photography business in 2011 as my first baby turned one. I loved being able to stay home with her but also have a creative outlet. While I fell in love with photography, I discovered that I was even more passionate about the business side of things. Afterall, I had spent my childhood on the corner selling homemade perfume and even going door to door trying to sell a gerbil. (yes, really. Why did my mom let me do that??)

As my business and family grew, I realized that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to running a business. Instead, I'm passionate about helping small business owners build a brand that fits their dream lifestyle

That's why I offer brand strategy sessions, done for you Showit websites, and the Website Launch Accelerator.

I'm all for sharing what I’ve learned in my nearly 12 😱 years of business and I do that on my podcast, How You Pictured It, my blog, and my YouTube channel. Can't wait to connect with you! 

Oh Hey, Friend.
I'm Kate.

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Get to know me

1. Where did you grow up? 

2. What's in my cup?
  • Iced Coffee- Caffeine please!
  • Cold water- Gotta stay hydrated!
  • A cocktail
  • Maybe it's water, maybe it's vodka

3. Favorite travel destination:
  • Anywhere with a beach
  • A cabin in the mountains
  • A big city
  • Staycation! I love my hometown!

NOLA, happy to call Colorado home now!

4. On the weekend, you'll find me

at the soccer fields or in the mountains

5. What my VIPs call me

Mom, T, Katie, Beege K

Did we just become best friends?

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