Smart, Stunning Showit Templates for Service Providers with Something to Say. 

Your website should sell your services for you.
Why do most DIY websites fail at this?
They lack strategy and strong messaging.

Dear Kate Brand Strategy Templates take the guess work out of writing and designing your website. You'll know exactly what to say in each section of your site so that they're ready to pull out their credit cards when they land in your inbox.

They're like the Elle Woods of templates. Pretty AND Smart.
 What like it's hard?

Take A Peek Inside!

Behind the scenes of what makes these templates so special!

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Liv Sparks Template

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    DIY Your Website Copy

    The Website Writer Workbook

    Proven copywriting frameworks for high converting website copy so your website sells your services for you

    Fillable Google Doc Workbook to make it easy to copy and paste your final draft into your website

    Step-by-step instructions for what goes in each piece of your website

    The words on your website are the bridge between first impressions and that dreamy connection that get's people excited to buy from you!

    Get it now- $197

    Website Writer AI

    You'll start by answering a few questions about your business, offers, and competitors– this helps you get completely customized copy for your site!

    Next, Website Write AI accesses my templates, frameworks, and copywriting rules to draft each page of your website! You can edit as you go to make sure each piece of copy truly connects with your dream clients.

    You'll also get the Website Writer Workbook so you can compile all of your copy in one place!

    Not super tech savvy? An included video training teaching you how to interact with this custom bot built on ChatGPT+

    A chatGPT+ subscription of $20/mo is required for use. Cancel at any time!

    Get it now- $397

    Hit the easy button on your website copy! This custom trained chat bot knows all of my website writing secrets and creates your first draft for you!

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    More from the shop

    Systemize your Marketing 

    Video training so you can see real-life examples of how to apply what you'll learn.

    A PDF guide that shows you the ins and outs of best practices, ideas for posting, and where to find inspiration.

    An easy-to-use plug-and-play tool that shows you exactly what to post, when, and where to get your calendar fully booked without the overwhelm. 

    Get it now- $97

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    Learn to price with packages

    Video Training so that you understand the why behind the method

    An Easy Editable Template so that you can quickly get your pricing figured out

    A Bonus Worksheet for those that prefer to put pencil to paper

    Easily build out your pricing packages based on customer buying psychology and what you actually need to be successful!

    Get it now- $47

    Soft Proofing Made Simple

    Cut your editing time in half while making more money in your photography business

    Perfect for you if you are ready to move away from an all-inclusive, shoot and burn model

    Learn the benefits of soft proofing, how to explain it to clients, the best practices for timelines and workflows

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    Get it now- $47