Turning Symptoms into Sales for Your Small Biz

So many small business owners make the mistake of misdiagnosing business issues due to focusing on the wrong symptoms. Today I'm sharing how I pinpoint the symptoms of problems in my business with tools and data. We talk about the use of analytical tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Hotjar to collect meaningful data on website traffic, user behavior, and email marketing effectiveness. We also discuss how our email marketing stats and post-sale feedback can help. Next, we examine common hurdles at various sales funnel stages—from awareness to action—highlighting problems like insufficient traffic, poor traffic quality, weak brand messaging, and technical issues. Using our data at different points through the stages of the customer journey makes it easier for us to make effective decisions in our business and close more sales. 

00:00 Introduction: The Common Mistakes of Small Business Owners
00:27 Identifying the Real Problems Behind Business Symptoms
01:23 Harnessing Data to Diagnose Business Issues
01:44 Essential Tools for Gathering Business Insights
02:07 Deep Dive into Analytics and User Behavior
03:36 Leveraging Email Metrics for Business Growth
04:49 Utilizing Customer Feedback for Strategic Adjustments
05:56 Navigating the Sales Funnel: Common Problems and Solutions
10:35 Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions with Accurate Data

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