7 lessons for DIY Website Builders

This week, I dive into essential tips for anyone looking to take the plunge into building their site, touching on the importance of selecting the right platform, the power of starting with a solid template, and learning just what you need – nothing more, nothing less. I also emphasize the game-changing impact of having a strategic roadmap, staying motivated, and the accountability factor in bringing your website dream to life. Moreover, I discuss the undeniable value of DIYing your website, from clarifying your business message to updating your site as your business evolves. Don't forget, I've wrapped up these insights into a handy, free checklist. Find it at dearkatebrandstrategy.com/list Whether you're here to learn, planning your next website project, or just curious, I've compiled every lesson learned into actionable steps. Let's make web design less daunting together! Dive in, and while you're here, feel free to like, subscribe, and drop your thoughts below. 

00:00 Introduction to a Photographer's Journey into Website Coaching
00:14 The Serendipitous Shift to Website Coaching
00:55 Essential Tips for DIY Website Builders
01:00 Choosing the Right Platform for Your Website
02:23 Learning What You Need to Know: Simplifying the Process
02:49 The Power of a Good Template
04:55 Navigating Website Design Jargon and Language
06:06 Creating a Roadmap for Your DIY Website
07:20 The Importance of Motivation and Accountability
08:20 The Value of DIYing Your Website
09:32 Recap and Final Thoughts

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