5 Easy Automations to Wow Your Photography Clients

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Automations for Photographers

In this week’s episode, I discuss finding a work-life balance within your photography business. Spoiler alert: it’ll never be completely balanced. But that’s okay! Your work is an integral part of your life. However, there are steps that we can take to automate our daily tasks with technology to save ourselves time and headaches. Really, there are so many automations for photographers!

Automation can benefit both the photographer and the client. The photographer is able to reduce their mental load and spend more time focusing on the tasks that require that human touch — such as shooting photos and editing. For the clients, automation can provide them with information quicker — such as a canned email response that is automatically sent when the client sends an inquiry or books a session with you.

Time is a limited resource for us, so we must be strategic in how we use it. Allowing technology to automate the repetitive, mundane tasks that we find ourselves caught up in can provide you with a reduced workload and can save you from feelings of burn out. 

Automating your social media posts is another great way to save time in your business by creating a weekly batch of content that will then be automatically uploaded at the most active times.  

You can grow your business while spending more time doing what you love by automating tasks such as your CRM software and even sending your clients small personalized gifts. Your clients will feel special and you’ll have more time available to build those integral human connections. 

I talk about:

  • The myth of the work-life balance
  • The 5 types of automation I personally take advantage of
  • How automation can save you time in your business
  • Prioritizing your time on the things that are important to you

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Kate Hejde is the host and creator of How You Pictured It Podcast and Dear Kate Brand Strategy. She helps photographers create a profitable business that fits into their lives. With over 10 years of experience running her own photography business, while raising three kids, Kate believes that business is not one size fits all and that you define your own success.  Kate teaches through her podcast as well as through course, group coaching, and 1:1 mentoring.

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