Create your offer.    Clarify your message.    Connect with your people.    Create your offer.    Clarify your message.    Connect with your people.     Create your offer.     Clarify your message.        Connect with your people.     Create your offer.     Clarify your message.        Connect with your people.     Create your offer.     Clarify your message.     Connect with your people.    

When is that picture going to come to life? 

Working nights and weekends

You started this thing with a picture in your mind of freedom, flexibility, and the fulfilment of helping others with your creativity and passion.

Now, here you are a couple of years down the road —

It’s time to take the headache and hustle OUT of your creative business.

 How are you going to reach that version of success that you dream of?

You know the hustle and grind, cookie-cutter methods that got you here, aren’t going to be what gets you THERE. 

Scraping by with clients that aren’t the right fit

Watching your kids grow up behind the cold glow of your computer screen

Missing the camaraderie from your day job

Let's break the cycle, burn the rule book, and build a business that fits your life, doing the work that lights you up. 

Build a website and marketing content that drives traffic and creates raving fans, so you can do more of what you love for the people you love. 

Connect with Your People

Get to the heart of your brand by getting clear on what you do, who you do it for, and why. Communicate it to the world with the right words and imagery. 

Clarify your message

Figure out what lights you up and how to package and price it. Build boundaries, create systems, and step out of overwhelm into overpaid. 

Create Your Aligned Offer

What truly leads to a joy-filled business and
life, just how you pictured it? 

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"Kate has given me such a confidence boost to my business, giving me that extra push to raise my prices and restructure my packages in a way that is not confusing to my clients and makes me feel like I'm actually getting my worth out of my time"

"It's nice to have that sounding board."

"I have grown so much as a photographer in the last year, just based on the skills and tools that Kate has taught and brought in her class. She has a great viewpoint and outlook on why it's okay to outsource and cut back " 
- Tarah

"I have grown so much as a photographer"

"Literally within the first week of raising my prices, after about a month of no inquiries, a new client booked my top package!! Get the course. Take the leap, raise your prices. WE ARE ARTISTS, AND WE DESERVE TO BE PAID WELL."

"A new client booked my top package!!"

I've been a photographer for the past 11 years, growing my business alongside my kids. I quickly learned that not every "right way" to do things was the right way for my family and me. I'm excited to share with you the tips and tricks I've found to  grow a business that fits our life and to define my own version of success with an intentional business. 
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