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Because what got you here, won't get you there.

"I don't even want to share my link 🙈"

You've built this business from the ground up, doing what you could with what you had. 

And that website you started with? It's not cutting it anymore

Your skills have grown, your experience has grown, the service you provide has grown, even your clientele has grown

It's time for your website to grow up too. 

You could hire a designer and hand over the project to a pro. 💸 But these days you've got more time than money. 

And giving up control? :: Knees weak, palms sweaty :: 

Plus, you've got a creative vision! And you want to be able to make updates without hiring a designer multiple times per year. 

DIY is the way to go for you. But damn, it's overwhelming.  

The internet is an endless supply of tech tutorials and coding lessons. Which is great if you want to be a website designer. 

But you just need to know what YOU need to know to build YOUR website. 

And you need to do it, like, yesterday. 

What if you had the secret roadmap to a killer Showit website + high-touch hand-holding support throughout the whole process?

Get clear on your message and strategy. Write the words that connect with your dream clients for a site that you are proud of.

Layout your site so flawlessy that anyone landing on it will know if you are the right fit and be able to book quickly

Rank on google so those ready-to-buy clients are finding you fast. Your website will be your best kept marketing secret!

I promise this isn't a dream world!

In just 4 weeks, you would be able to:

All the Perks of Building Your Own Website With the Support of a Designer On Call

The Website Launch Accelerator

 With the Website Launch Accelerator you get the self-paced course and Showit tutorial vault where you'll learn the ins and outs of building a website from strategy to SEO.  You'll also have access to a community of your peers. Bounce ideas off other entrepreneurs, get feedback from people outside your niche, and fine-tune your message to resonate with your target audience. 

What really sets this program apart is weekly live calls,  office hours, and audits. You'll have me on speed-dial to help with all of your burning questions. You'll have accountability to reach your goals, and support to make it happen quickly.

With the Website Launch Accelerator, you'll not only build a beautiful website, but you'll also connect with a supportive community that will help you take your brand to the next level. 

Your go-to program for building a website that truly represents your brand!

"Redesign your own website they said. It''ll be fun they say. Do yourself a favor and hire Dear Kate Brand Strategy to help you. She's the queen of all things Showit and everything in between."

"I would have crawled in a hole without you!... In a fetal position." 

-Leilani D.

Event Planner

The Website Launch Accelerator Includes

  • The 3 S Framework to take you from Strategy, to Site Design, to Showing Up
  • Copy Templates and Page Formulas so you can reach your dream clients with a clear brand message
  • 9 weeks of Live Q&A Calls and Office Hours to keep you on track (starts when you join!)
  • Extended access to a creative community of other entrepreneurs building their own sites
  • Launch strategy and graphics to announce your new site and start getting more traffic
BONUS: Your choice of premium template from my library! (a $475 value!)

Start today for $797

Step 1:

Take a look at the 3 S Framework!

Step 2: 
Site Design

Step 3:
Showing Up

  • Brain dump to breath life into all of your ideas
  • Gather inspiration & choose fonts and colors that communicate your message
  • Prep your media for best load times and SEO
  • Choose your right-fit template
  • Write your copy (website words) with proven templates and strategy to help you connect with your dream clients

  • The basics of using Showit- an easy breakdown of all of the tools to help you make the site of your dreams.
  • Blogging with Showit- How Showit and Wordpress work together + the tutorials to create a custom blog design
  • Advanced Showit tools and tricks to create a site that looks like you hired a pro

  • Maximize your SEO settings so your dream clients can find you!
  • Go live: get your site connected to your domain
  • List your site with Google
  • Announce your launch with launch graphics (Canva templates included)

citrine Template

Millie Template

Rowan Template

Carter Template

PLUS your choice of template from my library!

A $475 Value

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meet your
Website Coach

Whether you know me from my podcast, How I Pictured It, from social media, or maybe a local shoot here in my hometown of Loveland, Colorado, I’m here to help you launch a brand new website for your biz that you’re actually proud to show off.

I’ve been a photographer for over a decade, and as a mom, I love the freedom I get from working for myself! But that didn’t necessarily come on its own. I had to fight for time freedom and learn tools and structures to protect my time and priorities.

That’s why I created Dear Kate Brand Strategy—to help other creative entrepreneurs build their businesses without working nights and weekends, sacrificing what matters most to them.

Hi, friend! I'm Kate!

"If you want all the tools in your pocket and a guide to show you how to use them, you should have Kate help you with your website."

-Sara, Vivace Live

That's What She Said


Get Your Website Launched in just 4 weeks

Join now to get started right away with your kickoff call, custom checklist, copy templates, and group coaching. Your coaching calendar starts the Monday following your purchase.

Training modules will be continuously added as we go! The tech vault will be based on your needs as you work through building your site! 


Past Student Work

What other costs will be involved with a new website? 

You'll choose a Showit subscription  which range from  $228-$408 per year for your hosting. You also have the option of purchasing a template from another designer as your starting place. 

You may still have questions...

Is this only for Showit websites?

Showit is the recommended platform for this course. I've chosen to work with Showit for it's ease of use, customizable nature, and excellent SEO capabilities. If you choose another platform, this course will not help you with technical aspects but can be beneficial in strategy and content. 

Do I have to work at a certain pace?

While you can access the training materials at any time, the live Q&A, office hours,  and designer on call access are limited to nine weeks. I want you to get your new site out in the world ASAP and by joining this program, you're telling me that's what you want too! Your nine weeks start the week after you join. 

 Any time I tried to work on my website before I felt lost. I didn't know where to start or how to put what I wanted to say into the site. I love all the questions and templates Kate had to help get my words and ideas out of my head and onto the site. 

"I love how easy Kate made it." 

-Seana C.

If you've read this far, you're pretty certain a new website is in your near future.

Here's the thing I most want you to know as you decide how you're going to reach your goals: You know your brand best. The creativity and understanding you need to build a great website is living inside you. You just need a little help to bring your message to life so you can connect with the right people and grow a thriving business. 

The Website Launch Accelerator is a great option if:
  • you have a vision for your brand and business
  • you want to get clear on your messaging so you can create a cohesive marketing strategy across all of your platforms
  • you have a smaller budget but the time and space to take on a project
  • you love research, knowledge, and learning new skills
  • you need some help getting organized and knowing what steps to take
  • you need clarity around what goes on each page of your site so that clients can easily navigate it and get all of the info they need
  • you thrive in a community and feed off of other's ideas and experience
  • you get motivated by accountability and know having someone checking in on your will help you reach your goals more quickly

A final note from Kate


Building your own website isn't for everyone though. I get that! In fact, I have built websites for several clients who preferred a done-for-you approach. They saved a lot of time going that route, but it did cost more money.

Only you know what's best for you and your business right now. I'm here to cheer you on no matter what you choose, but I'd love to have join! 

Get Your Website Launched in just 4 weeks

Join now to get started right away with your kickoff call, custom checklist, copy templates, and group coaching. Your weekly coaching calls start the Monday following your purchase.

Training modules will be continuously added as we go! The tech vault will be based on your needs as you work through building your site!