Case Study: Sweetheart City Living Gets a Glow Up with DIY Website Makeover

Lauren Haug, of Sweetheart City Living, is a realtor in Northern Colorado who moved from working under a brokerage to being a solopreneur. She had invested time in building a website when she made the switch but her site wasn’t bringing in warm leads like she’d hoped! She joined The Website Launch Accelerator to be able to market her business more passively, hustle less on social media, and get back to spending more time with her 3 boys and husband on their Colorado farm!

Screenshots of DIY Website Makeover for sweetheart city living

Before, Lauren’s site was hard to navigate. While there was a ton of content, it wasn’t clear where someone should click to next. When this happens, viewers often get overwhelmed and exit your site before really connecting with your business. With the Website Launch Accelerator, we make sure you are thinking through the customer journey and leading your site visitors to the next best step to get them excited to work with you!

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Design-wise, Lauren had used a template to get started. She still liked the overall feels of the template but needed the strategy and messaging to really make the template work for her. A template is a great way to save time when building a website on Showit, but the content you put into it is what really makes it work for you. Lauren used the same template as a base for her makeover, but the results on her new site are night and day difference.

Case Study: DIY website makeover with the website launch accelerator showit website coaching.

Now when someone lands on Lauren’s website, it’s easy for them to tell if they’re in the right place. They quickly know what Lauren offers, why her services are different from her competitors, and that she understands where they are coming from. Lauren works with a few different types of clients so we created services pages speaking directly to each of them. Her new website is clear and confident, building trust with potential clients and getting them excited to work with her in their home buying or selling journey.

Here’s what Lauren had to say about the experience:

“I am so glad I joined WLA! My website needed a huge overhaul. Kate was able to help me with everything from targeting my ideal clients to nailing my messaging on each page. Every single part of my website got a major glow-up. I’m so excited to share it with all of my past and potential clients!”

What’s your favorite part of your new website?:

“The way it flows”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?:

“I honestly think I’ll start getting more leads from my website. I already got one – a little over a week after launching!”

Did we successfully accomplish your goals? What was your favorite part about working together?:

“Yes! And it was really fun working with you! You are so knowledgeable about marketing and website design.”

What did you like best about the group aspect of the program?:

“I loved the live calls.”

Take a peek at Lauren’s site live at

I loved seeing the transformation, not only in Lauren’s site, but in her confidence in her messaging and business moving forward. It can be hard as a solopreneur to know you’re doing the right thing and that what you’re creating is coming across the way you hope it does. The Website Launch Accelerator is the perfect fit for service providers ready to show up online and connect with dream clients so they can get back to living the life they dreamed of!

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