54: How to prioritize happiness in your business with Christine Michaelis

In this episode with Christine Michaelis of Creative Startup Academy, we're talking about how to get more happiness in your life and in your small business.  She  shares her journey towards happiness and wellbeing, a topic she deeply cares about and has written a book on called 'The Happiness Formula'. Christine highlights the importance of having a positive mindset, fostering relationships, and pursuing meaningful goals to achieve happiness. She discusses the importance of personal and business values and maintaining a work-life balance to sustain a successful, fulfilling business. Christine shares her experience with neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and how it allowed her to view communication and self-talk in a different light.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

01:05 Christine's Journey into Entrepreneurship

02:21 Balancing Business and Personal Life

04:37 Understanding Happiness

07:07 The Happiness Formula

10:02 Applying Happiness in Business

14:20 Christine's Personal Journey to Happiness

18:10 The Role of NLP in Happiness

22:55 Making Business Choices Aligned with Happiness

26:18 Christine's Current Projects and Final Thoughts

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The Seven Sisters

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