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Free Showit About Page Template and Framework from Dear Kate Brand Strategy Preview

I know figuring out how to make this all fit on one webpage and make sense can be overwhelming! That’s why I’ve created a Free Showit About page template + Framework for a killer about page, just for you! Drop your email below to have it sent to your inbox immediately!

    Your website’s about page is one of the most crucial pages you’ll create. It’s where potential customers go to learn more about you, your business, and what you stand for. It’s our biggest chance to connect with the people we want to serve. According to a survey by KoMarketing, 52% of website visitors go straight to the about page when they land on a website. So many small businesses are wasting their opportunity to connect with clients with generic bios about their love of iced coffee and sunny days.

    Instead, let’s use our About Page to it’s fullest potential and make our dream clients feel seen. Let’s get into six things to consider when writing your own about page and how we can use it to build relationships. Grab the free Showit About Page Template and Framework, at the bottom of this post while you’re here!

    1. Your About Page Tells Your Story

    Your about page is an excellent opportunity to share your story and connect with your audience. When done well, it can help build trust and loyalty with potential customers. The trick here is relating your story back to how you can help the reader.

    If you’ve got the word “I” more than “you” see if you can reword it a bit. This is important, especially towards the top of the page, because honestly, we are more interested in ourselves than anyone else.

    A great example of this is Jadah Sellner. Take a peek at this portion of her site and how she draws in the reader and makes them feel seen before going into how she can help.

    Jadah Sellner About page showcasing how to transition from talking about client to talking about self on about page

    For effective story telling:

    • Use vivid language. Think through all five senses of the experience you’re sharing. How did it feel? What did you see? What were the sounds and smells?
    • Show vulnerability. Often, as entrepreneurs we start our business to solve a problem we once had too! Sharing that you’ve experienced problems too makes you more relatable, human, and trustworthy.
    • Use your voice. This isn’t a college essay. Use the words you would if you were telling the story out loud. Slang, contractions, it all works here!

    2. Your About Page Builds Trust

    Your about page can help establish trust with your audience. A study by KoMarketing found that websites with a well-crafted about page are 30% more likely to be viewed as trustworthy. One very easy thing you can do is show your face! People feel more confident in booking when they know who they are working with.

    You can also add credibility to your about page with:

    • testimonials
    • social proof
    • highlights of your education and experience
    • companies you’ve worked with
    • stats about past projects

    Amber Rae shares her past experience:

    About page showcasing credibility

    Ann at Powerhouse Strategy shows recent work and links to case studies for each:

    About page example showing case studies

    Lara Casey showcases her past clients and features:

    About page example showing credibility

    3. Your About Page Showcases Your Values

    Your about page can communicate your values to your audience. According to a survey by Sprout Social, 40% of consumers pick a brand over the competitor because the brand aligns with their personal values. Even more, 58% choose a brand because they trust it.

    Sharing your values helps your target audience feel aligned with you and builds trust in the service you offer.

    Seana Castaneda Photography does this well, again keeping the language focused on the client:

    about page showing values of business

    Hello Seven lays out their values, helping customers understand why they do do what they do:

    about page showing values of business

    To showcase your values, share your mission, explain why you do what you do, and highlight causes you support.

    4. Your About Page Helps You Stand Out

    Your about page can help differentiate you from your competition. This is where you can really highlight what makes you different and add in some personality for that deeper connection! When you can connect with clients on all levels, both parties will feel like a perfect fit!

    Arc Creative Company does a great job showing how they are different and what makes them special in this section of their about page! I love that they’ve include a personal photo that helps you feel more connected to them and their story.

    about page showing personality and what makes the brand different

    Shawnee Rose Consulting adds some fun and personality to her about page with this old school this or that quiz.

    about page showing personality

    5. Your About Page Lays Out What It’s Like to Work With You

    According to a salesforce study, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as necessary as its products or services. Your about page is an opportunity to give an overview of that experience.

    Liv Photography breaks down her process in 3 easy steps, letting clients know exactly what they are getting from her in an easy to digest format:

    about page showing client experience

    6. Your About Page Invites Action

    Your about page can lead your audience to take action, such as signing up for your newsletter or booking a discovery call, especially if they’ve felt seen with the copy and content on the page! You get to tell people where to go next. Remember, this is often the 1st page someone clicks to after landing on your site! Prime real estate to connect and get those website visitors making moves towards working with you!

    Mercy Creates does a beautiful job of laying out the red carpet and letting people know how she can help:

    about page leading viewer to take action

    Jasmine Star gives viewers a chance to go deeper with her with some free resources:

    about page leading client to more resources

    What’s next?

    Your about page is a critical piece of your website, and it’s essential to get it right. To summarize, six things to consider when writing your about page are telling your story, building trust, showcasing your values, standing out, explaining your process, and inviting action.

    I know figuring out how to make this all fit on one webpage and make sense can be overwhelming! That’s why I’ve created a Free Showit About page template + Framework for a killer about page, just for you! Drop your email below to have it sent to your inbox immediately!

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