Vivace Live’s new website opens the door to more income and exciting opportunities

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Sara was one of the first members inside the Website Launch Accelerator and I could not be more proud of the website she built over our time together! The Website Launch Accelerator is a live group coaching program that walks you through the step by step process of launching a DIY Showit website for creative entrepreneurs.

Like many small business owners, Sara knows the value of learning a new skill that will translate over many aspects of your business. She also has a strong creative vision and likes to have control over the end results in all of her endeavors. Through the Website Launch Accelerator, Sara learned how to really convey her brand message, the tech parts of Showit, and had the accountability and sounding board she needed to take action and get it done! Here’s what Sara had to say about the process!

Home Page Before switching to Showit DIY Showit Website Template Customization

Vivace Live Before and After the Website Launch Accelerator

What’s your favorite part of your new website?:

I like that the public and our future clients get a glimpse and a clear window of understanding into who we are as a business. Before, I always felt like I had to explain over and over again what we do. Now, I feel like it’s very clear and cohesive and consistent branding. I feel like the style of the website matches exactly what we have wanted for four years.

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?:

I am able to send my website to very high-end clients now, whereas before our prior website would not have given the impression that we can handle that level of client. Our new website opens the door to higher price points and traveling, which is something we have dreamed of! The website is only been out for two weeks and we have already been getting many inquiries for the packages it was designed it to sell.

Screen capture of Vivace Live new website launched with dear kate brand strategy Website Launch Accelerator

Did we successfully accomplish your goals? What was your favorite part about working together?:

My goals were to create some thing that no one else in our industry has achieved. Basically, our look, performances, and vibe is meant to be on trend and very relatable to modern culture while still maintaining a timeless beauty. My goals on a technical level were to learn Showit, and in order to build our website myself. I also wanted to be able to keep up with the changes in the business as they come along.

It’s important to me to have the ability to create from my own ideas. The thought of trying to explain these ideas to someone else and letting them design it for me sounded horrible to me. I would’ve asked them for so many changes and we would’ve both wound up frustrated. I am a creative person and I pursue my goals, so I wanted more control over this design. One of my favorite things about working with Kate was that she sensed my angst at times, and always remained calm and encouraging. There were a few times when I didn’t do my homework, and I thought I was gonna get in trouble, but she was always very gracious with me. I also was vulnerable at points because I felt frustrated and she did not judge me. She basically laid the groundwork for a very creative environment. Kind of like my art teacher did in high school when she would turn on Enya and help us paint. The environment was conducive for creativity, and she kept me on track as a guide.

screen shares of website built in showit with Website Launch Accelerator

What did you like best about the group aspect of the showit website coaching with Website Launch Accelerator?:

I enjoyed listening to the questions from the other participant, because I felt like I could learn from anything she asked. I also saw her move ahead of times which is encouraging to me because I felt like I probably could do it too. I felt like I was part of a team, and it made me more comfortable to ask questions. I genuinely was interested and the other participants products, and I really appreciated her insight that she gave me about some blogging ideas for my future blogs. She was an entrepreneur too, so I felt like we could glean ideas off of each other.

Website Design with Showit Coaching from Dear Kate Brand Strategy

Sara’s review of The Website Launch Accelerator: Showit Website Coaching

So if you pay someone to make your website, how are you going to know how to go in and make adjustments? What happens when you don’t really love their design and would like to change it but you don’t know how? These are the questions I had before I met Kate. I knew that I needed to learn how to use Showit myself. If you want all the tools in your pocket and a guide to show you how to use them, you should have Kate help you with your website. She seems to know the answers for everything and will make you feel really comfortable if you don’t know something or if you were supposed to complete a task and didn’t. She also understands that it’s overwhelming at times but I promise you that she will give you the encouragement and help you find your own strength inside. Kate always got back to me in a timely manner, and I never felt like she was going to leave me high and dry, even though we had just met. I have extremely high trust in her commitment and her ability. She kind of was a master of all trades. She was a great designer, she knew, technically how to do all the behind-the-scenes things that make a website run, especially wording and headlines, and helping me be organized step-by-step on what I should do. I actually didn’t know I was going to be receiving help with the headlines and I thought it was just going to be teaching me technical website stuff so that was super surprising and extremely helpful that I could ask her her opinion on how it looked AND sounded. I cannot wait to hire her for my next project so it maximizes my time and efforts. My next endeavor is to build a blog and I know on my own it would probably take me six months to figure it out, but I am confident that she’ll help me get it done in a few weeks or less!

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Showit Template: Tonic Site Shop Template use coupon code “dearkate” for 15% off
Brand Story Development: Pula Marketing
Logo Design: Morgan Rutt

Review for Showit website Coaching with Dear Kate Brand Strategy

If you need the kind of support Sara recieved to get a Showit website launched for your creative small business, I’d love to have you in the Website Launch Accelerator! Get more details here:

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