50: Aligning your business to fit your version of success

In today’s milestone episode of the ‘How You Pictured It’ podcast, I talk about the idea of aligning personal values and priorities with entrepreneurial goals. I talk about the roots of starting the podcast and my experiences over 12 years as a small business owner. This conversation focuses on helping small business owners rediscover the freedom and flexibility they imagined at the start of their journey, often lost through the realities of running a business. I help you define what success looks like, identify your core values, and prioritize actions in alignment with those values. Through real-life examples from my own business, I share how you can revisit and modify business practices to reflect your personal values and priorities better. You have the liberty to run your businesses your own way. 

00:00 Introduction and Podcast Journey
00:19 The Heart of the Podcast
02:22 Understanding Values and Priorities
03:39 Exercise to Identify Your Values and Priorities
05:00 Analyzing Your Answers
05:55 Applying Your Values and Priorities
06:21 Aligning Your Business with Your Values
07:00 Examples of Value-Based Business Decisions
08:09 Keeping Your Values Close
08:27 Permission to Do Things Your Way
08:59 Closing Remarks and Future Plans

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