Which Showit Pricing Plan do I need?

Showit has three different tiers of pricing, so how do you decide which one is best for your business? Let’s break it down!

First, what are the three plans? Here’s a screenshot of their pricing as of May 2023.

Showit pricing table

Deciding which one is right for you comes down mainly to one thing: Do you want a blog?

Blogging is so good for SEO (search engine optimization), getting fresh content published to your site, connecting with potential clients, and keeping people coming back for more. But it’s not for every business owner.

If blogging feels like too much of an undertaking at present, you can get started with the bottom tier of site. You can always upgrade at a later date when you are ready to get some long-form content out into the world.

If you are planning to blog, I highly suggest skipping over that middle tier and going for the advanced.

Part of the power of a Showit site is it’s integration with WordPress. WordPress is one of the most powerful website engines out there.

With the middle tier, you’re limited to only a few of the features that make WordPress great.

With the top tier, you’ll get access to all of the WordPress plug-ins, including the option for e-commerce like WooCommerce and memberships like Memberspace. Plus, if you have an existing blog on WordPress or Squarespace, Showit will transfer it over for you.

If you’re brand new to blogging, and thinking you’d like to save a little cash with the middle tier, I get it!

You can upgrade to the top tier from the middle tier as well, but it’s a bit more complicated and will involve some down time for your site.

Honestly, if you are committed to blogging, I’d jump right to the top tier as you’ll quickly outgrow that middle tier.

Hope this has been helpful in making your decision!

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