6 Canned Emails that Every Photography business owner needs!

Do you ever notice that you are writing the same emails over and over again? One of the best things I’ve done in my photography business to save time and create a better customer experience is to write canned emails. Canned emails are saved responses you can easily tweak and send over and over again to each client. You can put these in a CRM, like Dubsado (read more about why I love it here!), keep them saved into notes or your google drive, OR save them in Gmail!

In Gmail, simply compose a new email and then in the bottom right corner, click the three dots and select “Templates”. You’ll be able to save your draft there. Next time you need to write an email you can pull up your draft in the same menus.

So what template or canned emails should every service business have?

  • An inquiry response for each of your different services types
  • A reminder/ day before email with all of the details your client needs
  • A lead follow-up email for those times you never hear back.
  • A response for when you are not available or don’t provide the service requested
  • A thank you follow-up to send immediately after the session (ask for a review here too!)
  • A request to schedule their next session

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