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 In this episode, I'm chatting with Laurel Vines of Vineyard Creative Co, the go-to expert on web and Pinterest strategy. She's spilling the beans about why Pinterest is a game-changer for businesses. Laurel is all about using Pinterest as an evergreen search engine, unlike those ever-changing social media platforms, for more sustainable marketing. When it […]

52: Harnessing Pinterest for Sustainable Business Growth with Laurel Vines

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**This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a small commission. I only share products and services I truly believe in and trust.** I’ve grown my business on the back of Black Friday sales from the early days. Be it a new computer, priceless education, […]

Black Friday Deals 2023

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Erika Millard on Empowering Small Business Owners through Bookkeeping In this episode, I’m joined by Erika Millard, a bookkeeping coach with a passion for empowering female entrepreneurs. She’s here to share her unique coaching services and insights into the world of small business bookkeeping. You’ll learn why you need to understand bookkeeping for your small […]

51: Why you need to get comfy with your numbers with Erika Millard Bookkeeping

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In today’s milestone episode of the ‘How You Pictured It’ podcast, I talk about the idea of aligning personal values and priorities with entrepreneurial goals. I talk about the roots of starting the podcast and my experiences over 12 years as a small business owner. This conversation focuses on helping small business owners rediscover the […]

How to align your business to your personal values and priorities

50: Aligning your business to fit your version of success

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Brittnie Renee is back for another episode of How You Pictured It! Her business has taken a little pivot and she’s launched a brand new planner designed for Photographers to help you manage your time and reach your goals.  In this episode we talked: Brittnie’s history with time management How time management and using a […]

Episode Cover for How You Pictured It Podcast for creative entrepreneurs about time management and goal setting with Brittnie Renee

49: Time Management and Setting Goals with Brittnie Renee

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Join me for the interview with Susan Coelius Keplinger, owner of Force of Nature. Susan shares valuable insights on evaluating marketing efforts, utilizing AI, and harnessing the power of testimonials and influencers. Additionally, she shares her own experiences in building a successful business and the importance of balance within an entrepreneurial journey. In this episode […]

The Magic of Your Story in Marketing with Susan Coelius Keplinger Episode cover for How You Pictured It Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

48: The Magic of Your Story in Marketing with Susan Coelius Keplinger

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In this episode of “How You Pictured It,” host I interview Ziza Natur, a visibility strategist and public speaking coach. Ziza shares her expertise on how speaking opportunities can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses successfully. We discuss:– Ziza’s role as a visibility strategist and public speaking coach for female coaches, consultants, and service providers– The […]

The Power of Using Your Voice with Ziza Natur

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In this episode I talk with guest expert, Rebecca Dollar, The Motherhood Mentor, about seasons of motherhood and entrepreneurship and how our businesses shift with our life. We talk about: – Capacity – Managing your energy and expectations – How different seasons have different needs -The comparison game Find more from Becca at Instagram: […]

Seasons of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with The Motherhood Mentor

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In this episode, I’m doing a deep dive interview with Hannah Hoffman of Sunny Social Collective. We are talking all about Instagram and how to effectively market your small business with this platform.

Instagram Marketing for Creatives With Sunny Social Collective

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Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify This week I’m sharing my newest favorite tools and softwares in my creative small business. I’m talking time management, AI, and SOP tools to get back hours and make your life as a creative entrepreneur easier.  Here’s what I’m loving lately: 1. Descript – A powerful software used for recording podcasts, […]

Cover for How You Pictured It Podcast episode 44: Tools I'm Loving Right Now

Tools I’m loving right now