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Ready to up your blogging game without much extra work? With Pic-Time + Showit, you can create an SEO optimized blog post in about 30 minutes! Join me in this comprehensive tutorial and over-the-shoulder walkthrough as we explore the powerful combination of Pic-Time’s new blog feature and the user-friendly Showit website platform. Whether you’re a […]

Pic-time and Showit, blogging for photographers

Watch me blog with Pic-Time and Showit

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Today’s episode of our podcast explores the theme of power of choice and change in creating our own reality. The guest of the show is Kayla Burch,  mindset mentor and business coach who shares her inspiring story of transformation and empowerment. She discusses how you’re always making a choice, even when you think you aren’t,  […]

Choosing Your Perspective: The Power of Choice and Its Impact on Our Lives with Kayla Burch Coaching

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Which of the three Showit Pricing Plans is the right fit for your creative service business? One simple question will help you decide.

Which Showit Pricing Plan do I need?

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Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify On this episode of How You Pictured It, we discuss how photographers can effectively use email marketing to reach and engage with their ideal clients. Our expert, Mrs. Vondy, shares helpful tips on how to create valuable freebies, nurture potential clients with a sequence of emails, and keep email […]

Using Email to grow your photography business with Mrs. Vondy of The Email Club

Using Email to build your relationships and book out your photography business with Mrs. Vondy

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In this episode, the speaker discusses the use of AI technology in the creative industry and its impact on copyright and ethical concerns. They offer insights on various AI tools such as Chat GPT and Descript, as well as the need for businesses to proactively figure out how to leverage AI to benefit their operations.

The legal side of ChatGPT and AI with The Legal Paige, Paige Griffith

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Free Showit About Page Template for Creative Service Providers. How to craft the perfect about page with considerations and framework

Free Showit About Page Template and Framework from Dear Kate Brand Strategy Preview

What your About Page is really about

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Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify True to the title of this show, Brand Photography can help you get back to life How You Pictured It, when you first started your business. Maddie Peschong joins me in this episode to chat about pivoting from portrait and wedding photography into shooting for brands.  We talked about: […]

Pivoting into Brand Photography with Maddie Peschong

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In this episode, I interview Dawn of Tech Savvy Creative about the use of AI and it’s benefits for photographers. Dawn talked about what AI is and what it isn’t.  We discussed different software tools such as AfterShoot, ImagenAI, and ChatGPT. Dawn and I discussed the ethical and legal* implications that might pop up using […]

ChatGPT and AI for Photographers with the Tech Savvy Creative, Dawn Richardson

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Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Learn how deleting her Instagram account helped Brittnie reach 6 figures in her photography business.  We talk about: Find Brittnie at Group: About Kate Hejde Kate Hejde is the host and creator of How You Pictured It Podcast and Dear Kate Brand Strategy. She helps photographers and creative entrepreneurs […]

Podcast cover How You Pictured It with Brittnie Renee Photography Being Authentic in your business

How to book more clients by just being yourself with Brittnie Renee Photography

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Sara was one of the first members inside the Website Launch Accelerator and I could not be more proud of the website she built over our time together! The Website Launch Accelerator is a live group coaching program that walks you through the step by step process of launching a DIY Showit website for creative […]

Vivace Live’s new website opens the door to more income and exciting opportunities