At last, an escape from your editing cave - AND a pay raise to go with it. 

Have you ever thought...

"All I do is edit, edit, edit. I'm spending half of my life sitting at this computer."

"I don't want to do in-person sales but I need to make more money."

"I'm afraid to answer inquiries because I don't know if I have the time to serve more clients."

"All of this work isn't worth the little money I'm making. I just want to shoot."

"I wish my clients would let me know they love their images! I send out their gallery and then 👻👻👻"

"This all-inclusive, shoot and burn life isn't cutting it. But what do I do instead?"

This system saved my business. I was questioning if I even wanted to be in business anymore because the work I was doing was taking so much time from life and I wasn't profitable enough to make it worth it! So glad that all changed with soft proofing. Here I am, 6 years later happier than ever in my photography business and thriving. 

You absolutely can create a business that fits your life! 

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It's Time To Love Your Photography Business Again

  • Get paid for every single image you edit.
  • Show your clients their images much faster.
  • Upsell your sessions (even the ones you already have booked!)
  • Know that your clients are getting exactly what they want.
  • Make more money per client, and cut back the time spent on each session.
  • Do more of the parts of business you love!

Imagine being able to...

I'm in! 


How to cut your editing time in half, while making more money.

I'll teach you all of the systems and tools you need to put into place to quickly make the switch to soft proofing. You'll be able to increase your profits and cut out so much time sitting at the computer with these simple changes. Your clients will be happier too! 

Start today- $47

How soft proofing has helped other photographers

"I cut my editing time in half and my clients are happier because they see their images sooner!"

"It made life is easier for me, because I know I'm getting paid if I edit more. Clients get to actually be involved in the process and I'm saving time on editing photos they don't want"

"GAME CHANGER. Has save me so much time this last year or so!"

"Soft proofing has made my clients happier and given me the opportunity to upsell"

What You'll Learn

Tutorials for each piece of software and how to use them for a quicker, smoother experience for you and your clients.

The Why

Why we soft proof, the mindset work you need going in

The Benefits

How does soft proofing help the photographer? How does soft proofing help the client?

Talking to Clients

How to explain soft proofing so clients walk away beyond happy and there is no confusion.

Timelines & Workflows

When do you send the proofing gallery? How do clients place orders? Learn the best practices for every step of the process.

The Software

Plus These Bonuses...

These email templates help you know what to say from inquiry to final delivery and beyond. Tweak them to fit your business and get your new process up and running right away!

Let's Go! 

Join me for this live Q&A coaching call on November 2nd to get any questions answered. I'll do live audits of workflows and processes and double-check that you are ready to roll out your new systems!

Email Templates

Live Coaching Call


If you aren’t completely satisfied with Soft Proofing Made Simple, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

In 2015, I was 4 years into my business and feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. I had three small kids at home, trying to figure out some balance between an all inclusive structure that burned up my hours with editing and and in-person sales model that increased my income but had me spending more and more hours with each client. 

That's when soft proofing showed up in my life. I took everything I had learned from the past methods I'd used and transformed it into the system I am teaching you here. 

My profits doubled, and the time I spent with each client was cut in half. With that extra time, I was able to work more on marketing and take on many more clients than I had the capacity for before. 

I can't wait for you see what can happen when you commit and make these changes for your business so that you can spend more time with your VIPs

I use soft proofing in my photography
business too!


  • Instant access to all 5 lessons
  • Your Quickstart guide so you can make changes right away
  •  Video, audio, and transcripts of each lesson so you can choose what's best for your learning style
  • BONUS My email and communication templates so you can easily set expectations for clients
  • BONUS Live Q&A Coaching Call November 2, 2022

What You Get

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